Fee Rules


1. School Fees may be deposited in Bank of India, Burnpur or through online or by ATM/Debit/Credit Card (Excluding Gift Card ) of any bank through GPRS Terminal of HDFC Bank installed at the school.

2.  On receipts of the Fee Book, please write the Admission No. and Aadhaar No. of your ward on the cover leaf and all leaves.

3.  Fee for all classes  should be deposited between 6th and  20th of the month allotted for each installment to avoid late fee fine (excluding SUNDAY and HOLIDAYS). However those who are depositing the fees by cheque in Bank of India, Burnpur must deposit the same between 6th and 15th of the month allotted for each installment.

4. Those who are depositing fees by cheque must write the Name, Class, Sec, Roll No., Admission No and Aadhar no. of the student on the reverse of the cheque. The cheque should be in favour of Burnpur Riverside School. The Fee Book along with cheque should be sent to the Bank of India, Burnpur for payment of school fees.

5. Any cheque returned by the bank will be treated under the category of non-payment of fees.

6. If a cheque bounces due to any reason, a fine of Rs.200/- will be charged.

7. If fees is not paid in the first month of the installment, a late fine of Rs. 500/- is to be paid for that installment and the same will be paid between 6th to 20th of the subsequent month of that installment.

8.  The Name of a student will be struck off the school rolls if he/she fails to deposit the school fee for two consecutive months and he/she will not be allowed to attend classes until re-admission is granted by the Principal.

9. Re-admission fee will have to be deposited by the defaulters for two consecutive months, subject to the prior permission of the  Principal only. [Re-admission fee is Rs.2,000/- ]

10. In case of non payment of fees within due date permission must be taken from the school authority for payment of fees in the subsequent month along with late fine as applicaple.

11.  Students of Class X and XII must clear the School Fees upto March with fine(if any) etc. by 20th January and the School Fee Book must be handed over to the Class Teacher positively by 22nd of January for verification.

12. All School Fee Books must be shown to respective class teachers by 22nd of every month.

13. If  a child discontinues/takes a Transfer Certificate from Burnpur Riverside School in the middle of the academic session, the caution mony for the same will be refunded only after settlement of all dues at the end of the academic session 9 for classes Pre-Nursey to Class X & XII)

14. School Fees and other fees including Caution Mony will not be refuned to those who qualify for the provisional admission and also pass Class X Board Examination but subsequently seek to take transfer from burnpur Riverside School ( For Class XI only)

15. Fees once paid is not refundable.

16. Changes in fee structure can be made at any time if the school authority thinks it necessary.

17. Parents are required to mention only Gand total of the fees amount in the foil of Bill book.

18. Banking hours are 10a.m. to 4.00p.m. from Monday to Friday.

19. School Fee Book should be kept carefully. In case it gets lost, a new School Fee Book can be obtained from the school office on payment of Rs. 50/-